Full UST-1 File Format Validator


OBG and ODT have developed a tool to help businesses who want to utilize the file upload option prepare for its availability in 2009. Businesses may, at their option, use the tool to validate systems that produce files containing a UST-1 return for upload. Businesses will then have the opportunity to correct any formatting issues prior to uploading and filing a real return in the production OBG system. Final validations of a return can be performed only when uploading and filing a return on OBG.

To review the file format specifications, select this link. When a file containing a UST-1 return is ready for testing, use this tool to upload the file and check that the file is properly formatted and readable. This tool also does some simple math checks to identify errors.

To start the upload, simply “Browse” to and select the file to be validated. Then select the “Start Validation” button. The tool will then report any errors and advise whether the file has passed or failed the validation check.

Note: Because of the fixed-file format, any errors, duplicates, or omissions of data values in the first 17 lines of the file may cause the tool to identify multiple errors on subsequent lines. Users should analyze and correct the first reported error and then re-run the tool. If a calculation error is detected, the tool will be unable to correctly calculate subsequent values until the initial error is corrected. While county line items are not displayed after validation, the format is validated and any county line item error messages will be displayed along with the corresponding line item number.

Select the file to be uploaded: